October 2006

returned, after the
Second Great Hospital Adventure

details soon ...


well, before Christmas, anyway ...

sorry, it's difficult to gather the energy to make the journey from the mall to campus and back, much easier just to sit on a bench with a book or the radio (exactly what the physical therapist warned me not to do)


not sure I'll ever get to those details because I just don't want to relive the experience enough to write them, but it is getting a little better every day (even if I am alternately annoyed and depressed by how long this recovery is taking)


The facts, the facts ... okay, what happened was my legs got infected from the knees down to and including the feet. There was little advance warning that it was happening, and the left leg was by far the worst, got even more dire during the night. Not a nice feeling to wake up and discover you can't even stand, never mind walk.

Eventually a Good Samaritan woman stopped and asked if I needed something to eat. I explained the situation and said I really needed a cellphone to call for an ambulance. She went into a nearby shop where I suppose she knew the people and borrowed a cellphone, got 911 for me.

And so I spent some weeks in the Saint Francis Hospital with liquid antibiotics dripping into my veins four times a day.


I sucked the milk out of a thousand cows
Bob Dylan: Modern Times

Torrential downpours of rain, an earthquake and aftershocks, twelve hours without electricity.

Strange times. Modern times.


I've become a radio junkie, spend far more time listening to the radio than reading.
I'm sick of hearing about Iraq and next week's elections, but I still go on listening.


the tales