July 2006

Helen R and I went to see Altman's A Prairie Home Companion for the second time on the Glorious Fourth. As I told Helen after leaving the cinema, that's the kind of film I'd happily see once a year.


When I mentioned something recently about not making much use of foodstamps when I'm on my own, it was an understatement. I get $77 a month. Any unused portion carries over to the following month. When the July allowance arrived on the fifth, I had over $140 credit.

Guess I'd better use some of it so they don't think I've died. With sushimi selling for almost $19 a pound, raw fish is one option.

The trouble with eating is that I have absolutely zero appetite. I only force myself to eat something now and then since it's supposedly necessary for survival. Even if I'm none too sure about why I'd want to survive anyway.

Into the third week of luxurious sleeping until 5:30 each morning, as the cafe at the Dark Corner remains closed. Definitely a mystery.


They're back. When I got to the Dark Corner on Friday it was obvious they'd been there, preparing for a Monday morning re-opening. Back to a 4 a.m. wake-up schedule. Nuisance though it is, still a relief to know there's no worse long-term change.

I hope they enjoyed their holiday as much as I did.


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