May 2006

the merry month of May ...

And here we are on the sixth day of it, the Dutchman's birthday, and nothing of any interest has happened, certainly nothing worth writing about.


The last day of school. Now the "interim period" before the summer session begins, off-line weekends.

The Second Wednesday of May was not an auspicious day. I woke to notice my upper lip was feeling odd. When I got to a mirror, I saw it was swollen to almost twice its normal size, moreso on the right side. "It's always something." is never more true than when applied to the body. Well, there's no pain, indeed the opposite. It feels rather like the lingering effect of novocaine after a dental treatment. I searched the web for information, but didn't find anything of particular relevance. I hope it doesn't last very long.

Then, when I got to the Dark Corner I was surprised to see the cafe there bare of the usual menu displays and the folded tables ordinarily chained outside. It looks as if they have permanently closed the place, although there is no notification of any kind. It's wonderful to be able to sleep late in the mornings but worrying for the future. That's the last place on earth where I want to see change.

I saw the Sleeptalker briefly on Thursday. His mother has been elevated from being an angel to being Jesus. I said I didn't think so.


As always, Interim Week has been rather dull, the campus relatively deserted.

The swollen lip began to improve on Saturday, was back to normal on Sunday. A relief.

No change at the Dark Corner, no sign of anyone having been there during the day. It's a classic case of waiting for the other shoe to fall. Getting ninety minutes extra sleep each day only makes me want more. I don't doubt that if I had a room and a bed, I'd spend half of my time in the bed. Maybe that's one reason I don't have a room and a bed.


The Mystery of the Dark Corner has ended. Unsolved, since I am sure I will never know why they suddenly shut up shop ... or why they have re-opened. But when I arrived there on Saturday evening, a new menu display was in place and the folded tables were chained in the usual place on the outside wall. So my worries about losing my sanctuary are over, but I once again have to rouse myself at four in the morning on weekdays.

I met Helen R on Sunday to see The Da Vinci Code. To my great surprise, the film is much better than the book.


Friday before the holiday weekend which always marks the end of the merry month of May. I think "bland" is more apt than "merry" this year, hope it was more interesting for other folks.

Three mornings of sleeping late at the Dark Corner, what luxury.


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