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Chroniclers of daily life I regularly read

Cult of the Dead Cow
Ethan Boroian
Gale Chester Whittington
Naked Blog
Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World
Wildgeek Gay Sex Blog [x-rated]
Ryan's excellent collection of links, Isle Ties
The Asian Journalist
or this old Panther himself.


Often-Used Sites

Books On-line, New Listings
The Internet Public Library
Project Gutenberg of Australia
Blackmask Online: an interesting selection of online books
The British Library
Columbia Encyclopedia
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
1UpInfo: Encyclopedia and Reference Resource
The Victorian Dictionary (really more of an encyclopedia)
The Victorian Web
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
The Internet Classics Archive
The Harvard Classics
Christian Classics
Mormon Scripture
Sacred Texts
The Tertullian Project
The English Server at the University of Washington
Old Man Will S.
The Biography Project
Contemporary Writers in the UK
Belinus Press: Folklore, Myth and Fairy Tales
Children's Books Online
Nineteenth Century American works for children and adults
Library of Southern Literature
Internet Book List, where readers evaluate

Literature Award Winners (Nobel, Goncourt, etc.)
Yahoo: Literary Fiction: Authors


My Favorite Living Writers

Maeve Binchy
Lilian Jackson Braun
Orson Scott Card
Jeffery Deaver
Bob Dylan
Father Andrew Greeley
Father Greeley's column for the Daily Southtown
Martha Grimes
Susan Howatch
Greg Iles
John Irving
Anne Rice
Anne Rivers Siddons
Amy Tan

Treasures, Too

The Cloud of Unknowing
Dark Night of the Soul
Hermann Hesse: Empire of the Senses
Aldous Huxley: Chrome Yellow
Selected Works of William James
Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time
Franz Kafka
Selections from the writing of Kierkegaard
Mencken's The American Language
Neurotic Poets
Nietzsche's The Antichrist
Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil
Hymns to the Night by Novalis
Flannery O'Connor: A Good Man is Hard to Find
The Land of Oz
The Oz Books and more by Baum
Beatrix Potter
Marcel Proust
Ayn Rand
Southern Cross Review
Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons
Gertrude Stein's Three Lives
Danielle Steel
The Thousand Nights and a Night
P.G. Wodehouse


The New Yorker


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