The Artist Trip: Resume

This was written in 1980.

Born in San Antonio, Texas.

Lived in and received basic formal education in various places in the United States and Europe. Served in the US Army during the period from 1958-1960, both in the United States and Germany. Moved to New York City in 1961.

Became Associate Editor and Partner (with Edward Meneeley) of PORTABLE GALLERY PRESS in 1962. The initial role of Portable Gallery Press was to document on color slides the complete one-man shows of American artists who, at the time, were just beginning to achieve recognition. This was later expanded to include seminal figures in the development of painting and sculpture in the 20th century, both in America and abroad.

Became Editor of PORTABLE GALLERY PRESS in 1963 and Director of the London office in 1966. Currently serving as Executive Editor.

Organized BEE TIME VINE: FRIENDS OF VIRGIL THOMSON & GERTRUDE STEIN in 1965 and serves as Director of that non-profit organization.

Organized with Michael McKibbon in 1967 the AUDIO-EDUCATIONAL PRESS, London, an extension of the activities of Portable Gallery Press.


Completed basic education through High School level. Graduated 1958 from Excelsior Union High School, Norwalk, California.

Studied painting with Jarvin Parks, Atlanta, Georgia, 1960-61.

Studied painting with Edward Meneeley, New York City, 1961-63.



Group exhibition, Allan Stone Gallery, New York City
One-man exhibition, Crest Gallery, New Hope, Pennsylvania


One-man exhibition, Crest Gallery, New Hope, Pennsylvania


Paintings included in Art of the Sixties: The Richard Brown Baker Collection, Museum of Art, the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence

Designed and edited The World's First Pop Art Newspaper, exhibited at the Stable Gallery, NYC

"Portrait of Edith Sitwell" included in The New Art exhibition, organized by Samuel Adams Green, Wesleyan University, Connecticut

Joined the Bertha Schaefer Gallery, NYC

Participated in a two-man exhibition (with Edward Meneeley) at the Flemington Studio of the Arts, Flemington, New Jersey


First NYC one-man exhibition, Frederick Teuscher Gallery

Red-White-Blue group exhibition, Frederick Teuscher Gallery
The Mods Have Won group exhibition, Frederick Teuscher Gallery

Sculpture included in the Annual Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC


One-man exhibition, Private View Gallery, NYC


One-man exhibition, Kensington Town Hall, London, England. Benefit for the Notting Hill Housing Trust.


One-man exhibition, Manaslu Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal


American Exhibition III, Arlington, Virginia and at various sites in Washington, DC


American Exhibition IV, St. Luke's Hospital Center, NYC

No Rules Band Summer Show, group exhibition, Bleecker & Mercer, NYC

One-man exhibition, Bleecker & Mercer, NYC

No Rules Band Christmas Show, group exhibition, Bleecker & Mercer, NYC


Founded the DADA NEWS, a continuing project, with Issue No. 40 scheduled for publication on the Winter Solstice, 1980.


The New Art, Wesleyan University, 1964, forward by Lawrence Alloway

Art of the Sixties, Rhode Island School of Design, 1964, foreword by Richard Brown Baker

Annual Exhibition 1966, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC

Vanderburg: An Exhibition in Benefit for the Notting Hill Housing Trust, London, November 1972


Benedikt, Michael: New York Letter, ART INTERNATIONAL, Vol. X/4, April 1966

ESM Documentations, London: ALBERT VANDERBURG: SCULPTURE. Color slide monograph, published 1968.

Lichtblau, Charlotte: Review of 1966 one-man exhibition at the Teuscher Gallery, NY Herald Tribune, February 26, 1966

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Portable Gallery Press: ALBERT VANDERBURG. Color slide monograph, published 1965

Robbins, Eugenia S.: Monographs: Men, Memories and Art, ART IN AMERICA, No. 2, 1965

Vanderburg, Albert: Congressional Record, Friday, August 21, 1964, page 20319

Vanderburg, Albert: EDWARD MENEELY: STUDIO PREVIEW 1964. Contemporary Monograph Series, Portable Gallery Press, 1963

Vanderburg, Albert: A TALE OF TWO FOOLS. Limited Edition, Portable Gallery Press, 1975